CBSE to introduce Python in class 12 Computer Science paper

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will introduce Python language in Class 12 Computer Science examinations from the academic year 2019. The board in its recent notification mentioned that the questions on Python have been kept optional, keeping in view that few schools have the chapter on this language in the academic year 2017-19. The students will have options to attempt questions on either C++ or Python. The Computer Science examination is scheduled to be held on March 28.

“In order to enable the students offering Computer Science irrespective of the programming language to appear for the Class 12 examination in 2019, the CBSE will be administering, the question papers in the subject of Computer Science on the basis of 2018 having sections i.e. C++ and Python and candidates be directed to attempt any one section,” mentioned the official website.

The CBSE Class 12 exams will be conducted from February 15 to April 3, 2019. The exam will be conducted in the morning session, from 10.30 am to 1:30 pm, the answer books will be distributed at 10 am and question papers at 10:15 am. The students can check the date sheet from the official website.

The CBSE has extended the passing criteria for Class 10 students. From the coming academic year 2019, the students need to get a minimum of 33 percent marks in theory and practical combined to declare pass in the subject.

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